Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This is one of our favorite places to be. The needs of a person can be found here. Mike's folks lived here during the 1960's. His dad had a commercial fishing boat. I like to be around commercial fishing people. They have good stories to tell.

We've had lots of wind and gale warnings nearly every day. I did get everything that was wet from the knock down, dried out. It's a long walk to the laundry mat. On our walks, we found a couple of handy little stores and a church. A window on the church has a stained glass picture of a sea captain at the helm. Jesus is standing behind the captain with His hand on his shoulder. I wish I would have taken a picture of that to share with you.

I did get a picture of,  The Charleston Fisherman's Memorial. Here it is...

This memorial commemorates local fishermen lost at sea and those who worked in the commercial fishing industry. There's a list of names of those lost at sea. It's very spiritual.

We have public crabbing down our dock. Loads of people coming down. They carry their crab traps and bait, ice chests, kids and bar b q's with them. It's really amazing! It seems like it's different people every day.  They catch crabs and mussels. I love to watch everyone. They are friendly people and they love their families. They kiss and hug each other and play together all day long! It's a scene to restore your faith in human beings. I'm honored to have spent time with these people.

I like when a tuna boat comes into dock to unload. I am impressed with the fish! All the fish! I guess it's an every day thing to some, but I have never seen this. I watched one little boy, about 8 years old, dolly his first 55 gallon barrel of tuna down the dock. He was so proud of himself..not to mention his dad taking a roll of film of the whole thing. I love things like that!

We've been waiting for a weather window and tomorrow, August 3rd, we will be shoving off for Brookings Harbor. We hope they have the marina up and running. They took a hard hit from the lastest Tsuname from Japan.

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