Wednesday, August 3, 2011


It only took us thirty hours to get here. It was a nice cruise. We got boarded by the Coast Guard as soon as we got to the guest dock. That is.... as soon as we got the Ruby Jean straightened up, next to the dock.
I'm sorry.. but I couldn't get off  the boat fast enough to grab the aft dock line! Captain Mike jumped off and held the bow line while the back of the boat floated on out away from the dock.Wouldn't have been so bad except I was standing on the dock with Captain watching this happen. So, while we are swinging our boat around, the Coast Guard is demanding to go aboard. Hey...go ahead if you want to get wet!
I was thinking, "what's wrong with these guys?"  Captain finally got things the way they were suppose to be and started talking about being in the Navy and Vietnam. Pretty soon, the CG fellas got real nice to us. We passed inspection and I felt good about that.

Brookings Harbor was in need of alot of repair. The Tsunami had done some damage. There was no water, no power and no showers. They had free wifi. Some of the docks were totally gone!
One neat thing I found here is, biologists inspect the fish brought in on the fishing boats. They collect data about the fish caught, to help determine what steps need to be taken to improve the fishing. They work hard all day long running around after fish. It's impressive.

We had to order a new, bigger battery charger. It's good to be here with no shore power. We found out that our battery charger isn't big enough. Glad we found this out before we got some where out on the water, in the dark, with no lights. God has His way of watching over us.
We had some family come over for lunch and spend the day with us. We really needed the company.
Also, needed their car to get provisions and gasoline.

I got to try out my new washing machine while we're here. It's one of those "Wonder Washers." Hand crank. Works good. I love clean clothes.   We've been here for eight days and will leave tomorrow. I'm ready!

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