Tuesday, August 30, 2011


We are now docked in Santa Cruz, California. This is a lovely place to be. I spent alot of time here when I was growing up. The "thing to do" in those days..sneak to Santa Cruz! Well...sometimes we didn't sneak, like during the day. But night time was the fun time to come over but the folks didn't see it that way.  The BoardWalk was where the action was. Probably still is. All the carnival rides are there and food and drinks and music. It all spells Fun!
Anyway, here we are. We came in on Friday evening and had  a very nice cruze from Half Moon Bay.
Low and Behold we saw the Molly O docked on the other side of the channel from where we were.
We are glad that Bob made it. But we soon found out, not without trouble.
Remember when Bob was using a pole to clean off the rudder on his boat? Well, when he left us in the FOG...and motored hard...he burned out his motor. He had to be towed in by the Harbor patrol. He was three hours out from the harbor. Coasted him some bucks! Now he's waiting to get things fixed. I feel for him as it's no fun to have trouble on the water.
We have seen two other boats come in with some damage. One nice BIG boat had dropped the anchor just enough to bang back & forth across the front of the boat and make a nice gash all across the front.
Looks bad.  Another fellow had his deck plate torn out for the main sheet. They were all layed up here for days.
I like all the people standing up on their surf boards, paddling. They call it paddle boarding. They boogy all over and hardly ever get wet. They come right up to our boat and start talking. A person needs good balance to do that.
We've met two very nice people from Chili. Ben and MaElena. Actually, they live in Berkley, Ca. But originally from Chili.  Ben is quite the character and MaElena is very pretty. We have exchanged phone numbers and promised to stay in touch. We got the tour of their boat. Very nice with about everything in the world on it.  
We have stayed here for ten days. I've enjoyed the stay, but time to head for the next destination. Santa Barbara!!

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