Sunday, August 21, 2011


Who would have thought I would my life..go sailing with whales?  That's what happened today!
I have a girlfriend that went swimming with sharks while she was visiting Hawaii. I'm pretty sure I have her beat! Only thing is...I couldn't get a picture of them. There were alot of them. Moma's with their babies. There was long as our boat!! I think he was "Big Daddy". They are awesome! I can't get the sight out of my mind.
It's something  that most people on this earth will never get to experience. I feel special.

We are going around Pt. Arena right now. Everything is perfect. Time for a nap.

When I wake up...Captain has just started the boat engine. Seems he hove to during the night and got a little sleep. He woke up in the middle of a whale pod. He seems a little agitated. He told me if we get between a cow and her calf, we could be in alot of trouble. So..we got out of there fast. fast as the Ruby Jean will motor. Which is just a little better than 2 knots. And that's on glassy water. From what I saw earlier, there's not gonna be an escape if we get on the wrong side of one of those whales. We can hear them talk to each other.  NEAT!!!

There's not any wind so we will motor on in to Bodega Bay. I love the sight of these California hills.
They seem to roll along forever. No trees on them. They are strange looking.

So...we motored into the harbor at 7:00 AM.  Right away, we spot The Molly O. Our buddy Bob from Eureka is still here! We figured he would be gone already. We also have a dock buddy sitting on the dock next to ours. He's not sharing either!


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