Saturday, August 13, 2011


We left Brookings harbor at noon yesterday. We had a nice short trip. The waves were not bad at all. I never got sea sick. I have discovered that eating alot of potatoe chips, keeps my belly from getting woozy. I believe it's the salt. I've tried the ginger candy and cookies. I like the ginger snaps. I found some the were gluten free, as I have celiac disease. I was eating them left and right until the boat went one way and I went another. The bag flew out of my hand and landed right under the captain's foot as he stepped down! All the contents instantly turned into crumbs. So....those went over board. I've learned one thing on a small can't have nothing nice.

This is a pretty nice marina. It's the first one we've been to that is gated. Everything is locked and secured.  Now we have to keep track of a key.  It lets you in and out of the gate. It gets you into the bathrooms and showers. Also..the laundry mat. We had to put up a rather large deposit for the "key". So that means...don't drop it in the water or leave it unattended any where. And...don't forget it when you walk down a couple of docks to the gate. That don't have to use your cell phone to call the Captain to bring you the key. Or you can walk back to the boat and get it.
I never dreamed I'd get so much walking done while traveling by boat. I love learning new things!

I have to tell you about the new people we've met. We are docked in front of  Bob and Margaret on the "Molly O". They are from Washington. Bob has retired and is heading to San Diego. Margaret has to go home soon. They were kind enough to bar-b-q some salmon and we had a feast! Bob has a wonderful Jack Russell puppy named " Bart".  He has a cast on one of his hind legs. All he needs is a patch over one eye and he could pass as a pirate. R.J. isn't real thrilled about that puppy bugging her. She growls at him but he doesn't notice.   She doesn't like him coming on her boat, drinking her water and eating her bones.  She goes to the cabin when he comes on board. HA!

There is another couple across the marina from us. They have a rather large boat, 60 foot, and are docked out where the action is. I hope they can sleep with all the boat traffic. They are Peter & Molly. They have seven children. You should see the kids playing on that boat! They swing around like little monkeys! It's amazing to watch. Wish my folks would have had a boat!
They are heading north to Washingon and onward.

We walked to town to get provisions. BOY HOWDY! We had to pass by a fish packing plant. You talk about stink! WHOOOOOOO!!! I put my hanky over my nose, but after two minutes or however long it takes to get use to a still stunk. That fact doesn't seem to be true with dead fish. Only thing that worked for me was to walk faster.

We will be leaving here on Monday, August 15th. There's alot of bad weather going on all around us. I'm not looking forward to this next cruise. Destination.....Bodega Bay.

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