Thursday, September 15, 2011


This morning, we saw a terrible sight. One of our fellow anchored neighbors boat, either dragged anchor or he lost his anchor....ran aground. Captain just got out of bed and looked out the hatch. He said "Looks like that boat is going toward shore". By the time I got out of bed, it hit the beach!!
We turned on the radio and heard the may day. The guy was calling the harbor patrol and just wanted to get off of his boat! It was slamming back and forth.
Harbor patrol came to the rescue but couldn't do much. It was too far stuck. The poor guy got off his boat and had to sit on the beach all day and watch it break apart. As his stuff was washed ashore, he put it in a pile.

We went to shore and I caught a bus to go find a decent grocery store that doesn't charge an arm and a leg for provisions. What an adventure that was. First off, you have to really pay attention to where you are going so you can get back. Second, you have to be on the lookout for a store. Hopefully, you can get off of the bus before you go way past the store and have to hike back. Anyway...I did it. This is the first time I had to do it all by myself. It's not alot of fun to pack all the groceries by myself. I'm not doing it again.

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