Sunday, September 11, 2011

Today...we are both sick with colds. Lots of coughing going on. We are anchored out in Santa Barbara Channel. When we got back to the harbor, our motor quit. The boat nearly hit some boats that were tied to the dock. Captain was yelling alot, again, so as soon as we got close to a dock, I jumped off the boat and ran for help. A gal at the office radioed for some guys to go help Captain.
They escourted the Ruby Jean right into the nearest slip. It was impressive.
Now we are waiting for pay day. The weather is cold and the boat rocks & rolls all night long. Not much sleep again.
The people that are anchored around us are interesting. The biggest boat out here has two big ole dogs aboard. The dogs never get to go to shore. A young couple are on the boat and I think they have some personality problems. There's another boat close to us with a strange fella aboard. He starts his noisy generator up at about dark and leaves it running most of the night. One night, he cooked something on his bar-b-q that smelled like trash. All night was so grose. I have my suspicions about what he was cooking. The next day, he sure had alot of visitors stop by in their dinghies. His boat is named "Jolly Mon". Everyone stopping by yells "Hey Jolly Mon!!!! Sometimes he must be passed out cause they can't get him to come out of his cabin.

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